vegasWorld Free Gems

Free Gems

Unless you are a skilled programmer with elite knowledge, it is NOT possible to hack vegasWorld for gems. Β That being said, it is possible to get FREE vegasWorld gems by watching videos. Β You only need to watch the first 30 seconds of any video and you’ll get the gems.

Please keep in mind, any websites promising Free Gems are BAD. Β If they want you to do offers or download ANYTHING then they most likely contain viruses and spyware. Β DO NOT download any software promising you Free vegasWorld Gems.

Do you watch videos to get gems?
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  • AprileMe

    how do you get to the free offer? My friend’s account automatically offers videos to watch, I don’t know how to get to them?

    • Whenever you log into vegasWorld, go to “gems get more” (top right). It’s next to settings. From there you should be able to watch the free gem videos!

      Thank you for the helpful question. I’ll post pictures.

      • may

        im a huge fan and i have a question.y do i never get my coins from the wheel?

        • Thanks for the comment, may. You’re awesome.

          Can you explain more by what you mean? Thanks!

      • eastwood

        just remember , some of the gems ” videos” do not work. Meaning your wheel will spin and nothing will come up. So take notes on the ones that work and just skip over the ones u know you have problems with. Refreshing your site will help out sometimes too when needed.

        • AllThoseGames

          My computer won’t let me watch the video’s because my virus program blocks them.

        • Arianna

          Spinning wheel?

  • Do you have a gem code for vegas world?

    • AllThoseGames

      VegasWorld doesn’t provide gem codes.

      • Apple Latte

        Why is the Gem Code thingy there, then? The ‘Got A Coupon’

        • AllThoseGames

          Because all flow play websites have them.

          • Apple Latte

            Really? o.o
            Thanks for answering!

      • RawrLikeMe X3

        no there is only for facebook

      • They provide codes now. We post them on

    • guest123094

      VegasWorld actually does provide gem codes, just connect your account to Facebook and you can get all the gem codes from their page. (They only have weekly gem codes)

    • go to our new site where we post weekly gem codes

  • Lynn221

    Hi Tate! I have 2 questions: (1) where would you get a gem code from and (2) can you find friends on line and play in the same room with them?

    • Alyssa Morales

      Hello Lynn, I have 4 questions: (1) where did u get those gems? (2) can you help to find friends online and gift them? (3) Can we share rooms in one room? (4) Can we kiss them?

  • R3dhead

    When are we getting our cash back coins for this month. Yesterday was the last day so i was expecting them today. Also I did not get my daily spin today. Can you help?

  • R3dhead

    What is a gem code?

    • sofie688

      I wish you had more videos.

      • Alyssa Morales

        I wish you had more coins so you can gift me when I’m online in vegas world.

      • Melinda Pelham

        They have loads of vids, you just have to know when to go to get them, Hint: Early to mid morning is good.

  • Reem

    Why dont you guys do Gem codes? πŸ™

  • JustMe x3

    Hey umm im just asking but when is the gem codes coming out??!

    • Akward

      No one knows

      • What @Akward said. No one knows. Lol

        • Alyssa Morales


      • Chocolaterz

        lol yeah

    • Alyssa Morales

      I don’t know.


      idk i just want to talk fart is rude its pass gass

    • You can get weekly codes on

  • misterioasa

    ce tampenie!

  • misterioasa

    sa stiti ceva jocul asta e pe aPROPE mort!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bev


  • Cristiana

    Hi, Skye pie, can you give me a link to vegas world?

  • Diveenahcool Elangkovan

    someone pls tell me i need to be a rez for free

    • It is not possible to be a rez… for free.

      VegasWorld is a business. And like any growing business, they love paying customers. If you don’t have the money then watch a video!

  • not u

    I got some codes that i just looked at

  • no name

    hey skypie i got couple question am do u have couple coupon codes maybe u know that u can give me thnks and what slot u use and the bet thnks and 1 more how u get a lot of gems in vidioes and offers some1 told me theres a trick there tyvk thnks πŸ˜€

  • Xavier9694

    Come on were’s the cupon code like ourworld

    • At this time, there are no coupon codes.

      We will post them when they become available.

      • Melinda Pelham

        This was 3 months ago and still no coupon codes?

  • hanna

    well i do play all the flowplay games but how do you get 1000 gems on vegas world add me my vegas world name is l jojo l my ourworld name is tfc

  • Betty

    I am a brilliant hacker! I am not sure if i could hack that one for gems. But i would ask my teacher (i.e my friend) He s much more brilliant hacker than me! πŸ˜›

    • j0j0

      u just a kid no real hacker will say “i am a hacker” go play with ur toys kid πŸ™‚

  • oly

    they do have gem codes I remember using one

    • Rak

      They do not have any gem codes as yet. When they release one, we surely will keep you all posted!

  • carla mckinney

    i cant connect to vegasworld keeps saying error#2031 any help ive been a member for months now

    • Melinda Pelham

      I had the same problem and tried everything and turned out that all I needed to do was re-boot my cable modem thru my internet service. I unplugged it and then waited about 10 minutes then plugged in and worked from then on. If that doesnt work it could be a firewall. I dont know but I remember I was soooo frustrated till I got back on.

  • adday

    need gem code fast πŸ˜€

  • kathy angels

    Don’t know what is going on with your site – but dozens of people have told me that they, like myself, play the videos Virool and then do not get any gems – I am missing about 50 right now – I have earned hundreds in the past so know it is not me. All kinds of videos were played. JunGroup works just fine. What do we do??? I am going to stop playing if we no longer don’t get what we have earned. Also, Do NOT like your new advertising scheme of placing these ads before each play of a game. Not good. Hope there is someone out there who actually reads these comments. I know that I am not alone in being frustrated.

    • Rak

      Hello there, did you read my new post? It could help you solve your problem!

  • Alyssa Morales


  • Alyssa Morales

    Do you have any gem codes for vegas world like a free more coins pack?

  • Alyssa Morales

    This is a picture of my mommy, and my new cousin: Isaac.

    • Melinda Pelham

      He’s adorable!

  • james


  • WendysUrGirl

    I Need A Code For Vw Badly

  • Jackie

    how do i get a list of my dance moves so i can use them?

  • kitara1903


  • cierra meow

    i hate dis game they had changed it

  • cierra meow

    they my name on vegasworld

  • kk

    i dont get gems on at all

  • Adelina

    please gem codes

  • Mya Hall


  • jonibakwood

    whered all the gems go

  • A Penny

    On Yahoo, when I went to watch some more videos for gems, all it had on the screen was type in code. Now I like to play, but I will be dog gone it, if I have to search all over the internet to find this code, since this company is not providing it. All I wanted to do is get free gems. Right now people are losing coins that they won, the reels are slow or they flicker when a ad is in motion. Plus the reels when you hit spin, continue to spin up to 30 secs. Real casino slots video machines do not do this. Why should your virtual slots be doing this either? This kind of pisses people off. When people are pissed off, they don’t play. If you lose most of your players because of faulty graphic and flicker problems with the games, then you will not have a business online. Other people will notice that their friends have left. Then they will leave too.
    Friday evening, I had over $2,000,000 in coins. As of Saturday afternoon, I was down to 200,000 coins. Thanks for taking away coins won. That was too many coins on less plays lost.

  • bobbi anderson

    no more ads and free gems ? I am disabled . I can not afford to buy them . does that mean I am out ?

  • jennifer

    None of the registration offers work for gems. The videos stopped working. I am getting very frustrated with this site. It steals coins too. I’ve lost a lot. All I did was logout and then log back in and I had lost 300,000 coins. All I had left were almost 15,000. I wouldn’t be so mad at the mistake if it wasn’t so hard or expensive to get gems so I could get coins. Its ridiculous. And I have spent money to become VIP and I feel that that was a waste of my money for a game that is basically stealing from me. Please someone fix this.

  • Mellissa Atkins

    Heres a new code

    to enter for vegas world good till may 5th

    A666-A9DC-53E5-9785 Good Luck

  • kelly

    A666-A9DC-53E5-9785 this is a gem code


      where do i enter code pls

    • jason jason


  • shaine

    why i cant watch videos?!

    • some videos dont show depending on the country you live.

  • eRnSt

    Vegas world DOES have gem codes on there Face book page

  • Miss vone


  • Cherry Quake o.O

    {WARNING{ [I WILL STOP COMMENTING EVERYWHERE BECAUSE I AM NOT USED TO VEGASWORLD] (Although VegasWorld is epic and thats what I play in my boring time)

    My character is worth hundreds and hundreds of gems but I never spent a penny on any gems.

    • Gina Corser

      Is that right? Well I like the way it sounds. Makes me think of riddles. Please, do tell. How is it, that your character is worth hundreds & hundreds of gems?? Also, How do you play Vegas World games without purchasing Gems? Anyway, I need instruction on how 2 accomplish that. πŸ˜‰

  • sakura ninja

    honestly i dont want to watch the vids but i just put them on let them play while i just chill and watch tv or im on here πŸ˜› lol

  • gem girl

    i need codes

  • gem girl


  • gem girl

    i need the codes

  • sneaky

    where can I find the latest code for this week please?

  • Casinomaster123

    Huh…isn’t possible to hack Vegas world I beg to differ


    Hi….l like much tis games is a best games but l wish to have video for gems because l don’t have ,who or where l can watch at this video?

  • Vicente Garcia

    needing gems…

  • Glen Galistan

    I have not receive my coupon code but VW says I have.

  • cutieshy

    how do i get it

  • Visit our new site where we post weekly vegasWorld Gem and Coin Codes:

    Remember to bookmark and tell your friends ;D

  • xxlilyrichxx

    Hi it’s xxlilyrichxx umm i dont go with the free gems thing i rather use cheat codes for it

  • bella stars

    yh i watch vidoes for gems but some vidoes dont play ;-;