Jewelbox Jackpot

Jewelbox Jackpot


Jewelbox Jackpot is themed with poker-jewels.  The game uses the same platform as the other vegasWorld slots.  However, there is a twist.  In Jewelbox Jackpot, you’ll have a chance to commit to the “Safe Cracker” which allows you to have a chance at winning the jackpot by guessing the safe code.  You still get the benefits of bonuses and can play up to 9 lines.  Now if this game let you play 25 lines, then you’d really win big!

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  • SirenFox

    but what do u win i kindda get confused about that part??!

  • nunya

    u win coins

  • Judith Wohlford

    A lot of fun..

  • patbuono

    love the game..

  • lisalisa389

    I think it’s great!

  • Hi

    Yes it’s a great do I get my $822’000 from the bank