Mystic Millions

Mystic Millions


Mystic Millions is themed like a circus carnival.  When the game first came to vegasWorld, it would be payout by the millions.  But now it seems like the game doesn’t payout nearly as much, even though you can still play 25 lines.

Don’t let the 25 lines deceive you.  Yes, you have more chances to win.  And even though you may be winning, make sure you’re making profits.  25 lines makes it seem like you’re winning a lot more than what you actually are.

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  • busybody

    interesting game really enjoy this

  • busybody

    so what do u think

    • Lots of people say Mystic Millions or Billions pays out the most. Idk about that but I do seem to win more often at this game. Still lose tho

      • gorkhali

        Skye Pie plz tell me more about the auto clicker and read the comment i posted there

  • pug12

    I love it

  • kittykatt

    no direct entry site to replay