How to get Coins in VegasWorld

Some of you may have had thousands or millions of coins then lost them by gambling. We understand how you feel. It’s happened to us too!

Sometimes we’re NOT lucky. We don’t hit the jackpot. And we find ourselves with very little coins to enjoy vegasWorld. Now we wonder… How do we get coins fast without having to risk too much. Well it’s easy! Below we’ve listed several way of getting coins, from the easy ways to the not-so-easy ways. Check it out:


vegasWorld Coin Box

If you have gems, purhcase a vegasWorld Coin Box. It’s the easiest and fastest way of adding coins into your account. If you can, purchase the largest gem box. This way you save the most money and get the most bang for your buck.


vegasWorld Coins

Once again, if you have gems, use them to play the coin game. Drop coins into a compartment and hope they fall into a multiplier, thereby giving you more coins. This game is a great deal of luck… but we believe it pays out more than buying a coin box.


vegasWorld Rad Pack

Last but not least, the easiest way of getting coins is by gambling your money. Make sure to buy charms. Charms will boost your winnings and give you addional coins (even if you lose). Remember to gamble responsibly, if there is such thing. If you’re lucky and you win big then continue to gamble. But if you find yourself losing money, then quit while you’re ahead.

Did we leave anything out?  How do you get coins?
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    Have You Done a Gem Blog? if u have im sorry im asking lol!

    • haha thank you for the comment!

      And yes, we’ve done many blogs. hopefully gem codes come to vegasWorld soon. We will post them so you can earn extras ^^

  • D0WN

    I get gems by watching videos so I don’t waste my money. I never get a lot of coins when I do the coin games though? 🙁 I use 25 gems and I usually only get maybe 30,000 coins. Are there any VegasWorld gem codes? If there are, please tell me!

    • At this time, there are no gem codes. We can’t make them either. I think for promotional purposes, vegasworld should make gem codes. You can support this idea by mailing

  • Shallow Ireteri

    the vids on free gem offers wont play.. so i didn’t get gems for almost 3 weeks now. pls help.

    • try using a proxy. just google proxy.

      if that doesnt work, if youre using google chrome… use incognito mode. this will allow you to use a different ip. thereby letting you earn gems through offers.

  • Stupido

    I usually buy that 25 gems one. I somehow manage to save 20-30 gems 😛 now i have somewhat 1,00,000 coins. the fruit of my hard work 😛

  • PandasCupcakesandME

    Hi i am new on vegas world. I am experiencing strange problems with this.
    I earn coins with coin machines but don’t get the coins i am supposed to get.
    Eg. Suppose i win 500 coins from the coin machine, but i don’t get any. Anybody help?

    PS: I tried many times re load and all but no avail!

  • angel

    why am i getting error 2048 when i try to log on

  • sugarray

    why is it when someone buys you hot cocoa it takes coins from you sometimes

  • 10th of April

    can anyone gift me

    • 10th of April


  • lily

    Skye pie i had trouble lately. I have been trying to earn gems for waiting EXACTLY 30s and NOTHING happend! please try fixing that!

  • mia

    any other ways that don’t spend gems for the people who don’t like spending gems???

    • well you can just gamble with coins and hope to earn more that way.

      good luck at winning.

  • arsh45

    i am at atari but it has not unlocked games such as fringo and many more but its cool

  • arsh45

    i am