vegasWorld Bingo

vegasWorld Bingo

Did you know you can play Bingo on vegasWorld?  Well of course you know that!  But we thought we should make a post with some lesser known facts about vegasWorld Bingo.

How to Play:  Bingo is simple.  You start with a 5×5 grid with numbers on it.  Someone will call out numbers and you must mark off the corresponding number called.  Get a straight line of 5 (horizontal, diagonal, or vertical) and you win.  You can play with 1 to 4 cards.

Strategy: There isn’t much strategy to Bingo.  It’s all luck.  The only way to increase your chances of winning is by playing more than 1 card.  We suggest to play 4 cards at once.  This evens the odds.

The called will say certain phrases while calling out numbers.  Below are some of the things that are said:

  • Winnie the pooh: N42
  • Unlucky for some: B13
  • Clean the floor: G54
  • Get on your knees: N33

Do you know any other Bingo phrases?
Leave a comment below!

  • Laura Perez

    All the beans

  • pinki

    bloody 30 is one that they say

  • Joyce

    What happened to the bingo card size. I have poor eye sight due to diabetes and have noticed the bingo card size have gotten smaller. Now using 150 power on computer and still struggle to see the cards. Is there anything that can be done for users like me that absolutely love the game. Please help. Thanks and have a wonderful day all.