vegasWorld Blog #1


Hey guise!  My name’s Skye Pie.

Sometimes while running around vegasWorld, people recognize who I am.  They’re all like, “OMG IT’S SKYE PIE!!!  I VISIT UR BLOG!” and then I usually respond with, “OMG IT’S MEEEE! THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME!!!”  and I get super excited too.  If I can, I try to send players gifts or take pictures with them.  But as of late, I don’t have as much time to play vegasWorld or the money to buy gifts.  So instead, whenever I do sign into vegasWorld, if people notice who I am then I’ll try to make a post on the blog.

Recently, I ran into a user by the name of Justin123901.  He was super cool and we chatted for awhile.  If you ever see him around vegasWorld then send him a message.  I’m sure he’d love it.

Also, instead of posting the people I meet in virtual worlds on – you can visit my personal blog where I give you updates on recent happenings and so on.  And as always, thank you for reading!

  • Celeste

    Hi Skye 🙂
    I was wondering if you noticed all of the new pop ups they’ve added with this latest update?

    There is the facebook one, which I completed in hopes it would make the pop up stop appearing
    It was only replaced with a find friends pop up which now comes up every time I log in or refresh
    The Daily Bonus still shows but we now get a Daily status too if your’e VIP 🙁
    If you win a Jackpot it pops up to share on fb now too

    There are just so many extra interruptions to the game now which you cannot turn off

    I hope they are removed or that we are given an option to turn them off
    Does anyone else find them as annoying as I do?

  • Penny Lacey

    Hello Skye…..Thank you for stopping by was nice to get the email I look forward to hearing from you again and I will look for your friend….Tell him BINGO !!!!!!!
    An bummber for me no facebook for gems
    Take Care