How to get free charms on vegasWorld


This is a guide on how to get free charms on In case the video didn’t make sense, here’s a quick step-by-step guide: STEPS: 1. Choose a gem party (you must have gems to enter.) 2. People usually gift party charms so hangout for awhile. 3. Once the room capacity gets close to 25; […]

vegasWorld Easter Egg | Test-Mode 42 Cheat


This isn’t really a cheat. It’s more of an easter egg. This cheat was originally used in the game ourWorld, which was developed by the same team who made vegasWorld. STEPS: 1. Type in “test-mode 42″ 2. Hit enter. Your avatar will say something. 3. Type in “cryptobiologist” 4. Hit enter. Your avatar will say […]

Glitch: vegasWorld Diving Board


—————- Did you know you can use the diving board from any of the seats in vegasWorld Poolside? Check it out! Step 1 Click on the Diving Board Step 2 Immediately after clicking the diving board, click multiple times on any chair Step 3 Your avatar will go to the diving board, then walk to […]

vegasWorld Level Up Cheat

vegasWorld Level

Please note:  This cheat isn’t working.  Your avatar will say a string of phrases but you won’t get any XP from it.  Some say it’s a “luck booster” and it’s still kinda neat to try! Did you know you can give yourself a little more XP, per day, by typing in a cheat?  You may […]

vegasWorld Skin Color Hack

VegasWorld Hack

Have you seen any users with strange skin colors or unproportional bodies?  If not, then you need to play more often! Recently, we ran into a player with blue skin color and was the height of the entire page.  He was a nice player, but was able to do things other users couldn’t. How is […]

vegasWorld Auto-Clicker Cheat

Auto Clicker

Did you know you can play vegasWorld without actually playing vegasWorld?  It’s true!  All you need to do is download an auto-clicker, which we’ve provided the link to (virus-free) and play any slot machine that doesn’t have a mini-game (mystic millions, for example).  We have a step-by-step process listed below. Step 1: Click to Download/Install […]

vegasWorld Free Gems

Free Gems

Unless you are a skilled programmer with elite knowledge, it is NOT possible to hack vegasWorld for gems.  That being said, it is possible to get FREE vegasWorld gems by watching videos.  You only need to watch the first 30 seconds of any video and you’ll get the gems. Please keep in mind, any websites […]

vegasWorld Poolside Glitch

Everyone knows about it, do you? Walking on water has become a well known bug through out the Vegas World community, it was first discovered in August of last year, 2012 when the game was first released. There are a few issues with this glitch, so lets discuss them and how to perform it. Not […]