Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding VegasWorld Gems.

Q: Who Created VegasWorld?

VegasWorld was created by Flowplay, who are also the creators of ourWorld and downWorld.

Q: What do you have to do in VegasWorld?

The objective in VegasWorld is to socialize with friends by gambling and buying items sets in flash-based games.

Q: Who created this website?

www.vegasworldgems.com was created, formatted, custom themed and organized by Donnel Garner who goes by the online alias of Skye Pie.

Q: Is there any way I can help or work for VegasWorld Gems?

Yes!  We are always looking for young and aspiring authors to help our site. We pay our writers in monthly membership. You may apply by visiting our Author Application. If you meet our website requirements, we’ll contact you to discuss further details.

Q: Why aren’t my comments being posted?

In order to prevent spam and malicious links from being posted, we are highly selective in the comments we let pass.  We also receive an overwhelming number of comments on a daily basis.  Try reading our Behavioral Guidelines to learn more about this.

Q: Where can I contact the admins?

You can contact site admins by using our contact form located here.

Q: Why is VegasWorld NOT working for me?

VegasWorld is still in Beta.  You have to be invited in order to play.  If it’s still not working, then make sure you have the latest flash player installed and have your cookies turned on.

*If you have an questions or suggestions that you might think could be missing, then feel free to contact us using our form.